Product Specs

Whether you are ordering custom steel signs or furniture, there are a variety of product and finishing specifications available.

Finishing Options

Bare Metal: This is unfinished steel.  Please note that rust will occur over time and it is recommended that customers properly prep and finish the piece.

Clear Coating: For those who like the look of steel, without the hassle of finishing the look themselves!  A clear coat spray will be added so that the plain steel look will be maintained.

Primed: Like the clear coat option, a plain metal primer will be added to the piece.  This is a good option for customers who wish to paint their sign or furniture themselves.

Paint: Our custom signs and furniture can be painted in a variety of colours and sheens.

Mounting Options

For custom steel signs/plates, customers can choose the following mounting options.  If no option is specified at the time of order, no mounting features will be added.

Hole(s): Depending on the weight and size of the sign, one or more 1/4″ sized holes will be added.  Customers can screw into the holes, or use bolts for a more industrial look.  Depending on the sign, the holes can also be used to secure a string/rope.

Tab(s): Tabs are welded onto the back of the signs and allow the customer to affix their sign to the wall without showing the fastener.

Due to the variety of surfaces that our custom signs can be mounted on, no hardware will be included.  It is recommended to use the proper fasteners for your surface, and remember to use wall anchors when necessary.

Other Customizations

Mild steel is the default material used for our signs and furniture.  Other metals can be used if requested (check out our Shop Page for images of galvanized steel and aluminum products!)

Almost anything can be customized, please contact us for more information about your unique project!